What you Should Expect a Caterer To Do

When planning an important event, many people decide to hire a caterer. For those who have never used a catering service before, it may not be clear what services can and should be included in the catering package.

Caterers are primarily charged with preparing food and delivering it to a predetermined location at a specified date and time. Upon arriving at the location, the catering staff will also arrange the food in an attractive display to enable the food to be presented and/or served to guests. In the case of event caterers, clients Continue reading

Guidelines for Tipping a Caterer and Their Staff

Tipping for a job well done is always a nice idea, but many people are uncertain of the proper gratuity to give for different services. It is always a good idea to tip caterers, but the amount given should be chosen by how much effort required for your event.

Caterers providing a sandwich tray should definitely be tipped less than those who provide a full-service dinner, but how much is appropriate? When choosing how much to tip Continue reading

Hosting THE Event – More Than Just Catering

Even we know that it takes more than catering to throw THE event. It takes planning, preparation, money and no small amount of carpentry. You need to develop an agenda, coordinate with neighbors, gather the funds and enlist the help of more than a few DIY books, hardware stores and sites like http://www.homeproimprovement.com/. However, when you have it all together, you’re well on your way to throwing THE event.

That isn’t to say that catering isn’t important. It’s very important. You get a huge party and that crowd suddenly gets hungry, you could have a riot on your hands. However, finding catering isn’t nearly as difficult as all the other pieces in this extremely groovy puzzle.

In order for the event to be THE event, it must be the most memorable event in the world. This can only be accomplished through coordination and an atmosphere that is both fun and relaxing. A big enough space where people can mingle and you can swim through the social sea isn’t a bad idea either. If you can manage to gather up all these things, then you could very well become the host of a party that people will remember and speak of for years to come.

Finding a Caterer That Provides Wait Staff

If you are planning to host a special event in the upcoming months, you should probably consider hiring a professional catering company to prepare the food and beverages. Leaving the cooking to others can free up your time and allow you to enjoy your own party as well as pay attention to your guests. Many catering companies also provide waitstaff as a part of their package, making it even easier for hosts to perform their hosting duties instead of having to make certain that all guests get adequate food and drink.

Some Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Having an Event Catered

There are pros and cons to everything that you choose to do. The key is to decide if your special circumstance calls for a catered event or not.

Pros to having an event catered would include stress-free event planning. You will be confident in that set up and clean up of your catering company. You would be able to pay on set fee instead of worrying about little extras and add in’s throughout the evening. You will not have to worry about the clean up. You will get Continue reading

Planning the Menu for a Catered Event


Planning a catered event might be a challenge, if you are catering for the first time. Have your client make a list of the foods they want you to serve. You should discuss the list of foods with your client. You will need to know the amount of food that will be needed, what kind of food to prepare and whether there are any special food preparations needed.

Occasions Where Catering is Necessary

Catering services generally travel to their client’s desired location. Whether your location is a park, a church, Continue reading

Things to Include in a Catering Contract

When a client and provider enter into a catering contract, there are several provisions to be included. Both parties should take the time to discuss not only all that the contract includes, but how will the contract cover any unforeseen circumstances. The names of both parties must be clearly stated in the contract, which should be given to an attorney for review. The contract must be signed by both parties, and each one should keep a Continue reading

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Caterers

Large parties and formal events often call for the host or hostess to hire a caterer. These contractors provide elegant food and beverages for guests, as well as serve and clean up after the party. Before hiring a catering business, however, people are advised to interview these professionals.

The interview helps people discover how qualified a caterer is to serve the gathering. A host may ask this contractor about the length of time he or Continue reading

How to Hire the Best Caterer for an Event

Are you planning a special event? Whether you’re celebrating a wedding in the future or a graduation party, it’s easier to have certain events catered.

Now, in order to find the best caterer in town, consider a few of these tips below:

Search online: Search the Internet for all the different caterers in your local area, and check out the ratings and reviews for each one.

Recommendations: You can also ask friends and family members for recommendations. When you know someone that has uses a good caterer, you can feel better about your decision.

Pricing: Since Continue reading